Watching my children and the garden grow

Spring here in California has come with an unusually lush riot of green and blossoms. Every day a new tendril unfolds, a new leaf pops up, and the tomatoes are hinting at a bumper crop soon to come.

As the sun was rising in the sky and the house was still quiet this morning, I snuck out. Characteristically barefoot and reveling at the feeling of the chilly morning dew between my toes, I basked in the glory of all the morning surprises. The first bloom on my Morning Glory. The first ripened Blackberry. Several baby Roma tomatoes. The birds and I sang together, our song of thanks.

As I’m coming out of a recent season of fog, I’m seeing and celebrating so many more of these moments.

The babies are growing quickly. Willow, with her little corn-silk wisps of hair is now confident and quick on her feet. She appears to love the garden as much as I do. She tastes everything; the grass, tomato leaves, the kale… even an odd rock or two. I chastise her for it but it’s half-hearted; I understand her wish to absorb it all and feel the flavors on her tongue. I do too.

And Jacob, my little man, is growing sturdy. He gets into all manners of mischief; climbing the little trees, skinning his knees, and raiding the garage for any sharp and dangerous tools. That said, the death of an ant will bring him to tears and we have probably fostered most roly-pollies in the neighborhood. His heart is tender.

Right now it is a season of taking a big breath and just enjoying these slow quiet moments of beauty and blessings. It’s where my heart is happiest, watching the children and my garden grow.

How is everyone else celebrating spring? Let me know in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Watching my children and the garden grow

  1. Your children are adorable. I also have one who likes bugs and especially the Rollie pollies (I’m not even sure I’m spelling that right.) spring looks beautiful in California! We are in the middle of summer here in Pa and it has been hot and humid almost the whole time!


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