A leap of faith

Well, here it goes. It’s funny how much starting something as simple as a blog can feel like a jump off the high dive. I’ve been edging my toes towards it for some time now and decided it was time to take the leap. Technically this was supposed to launch on January first. But then again I was also going to drink a full glass of water a day.

That’s the good thing about good intentions; there’s always tomorrow.

I thought this post should be a little bit of an introduction. Who is the Mender you ask? And what’s with the Maker? For me the meaning was double-fold. First it makes me think of our ultimate Maker. The craftsman of all things, and designer of all the beauty in the world we see. He who created us, then sent his Son to get his hands and feet dirty among us. Our sweet Lord who is also the Mender of our broken hearts. The healer of all our diseases, our cares and woes, from the tiniest paper cut to our biggest missteps.

For HE is the true Mender and the Maker.

But the second meaning is US. My husband and I. Brian is a maker of all things. Our garage is constantly cluttered, filled with swirly wood shavings, tiny mouse-trap-driven-thingymabobs, gears, bike parts, old (and beautiful) wood. Projects in various states….He is brilliant and as I affectionately relate, often an absent minded professor type.

And then that leaves me.

I spent many years training to be a mender. Of bodies that is. My love for medicine and love for people blended and after 12 years or so of shaking and stirring out popped… A PA! Now it’s likely most of you reading are sweet friends and family but if not you are probably shaking your head right now a bit in confusion. (A Pennsylvania? Physical Therapist? O wait no that would be PT….) A Physician Assistant. We have most likely seen you and taken care of you or your family members in the ER, the OR, your doctor’s office, the urgent care…. but you might not have realized it. It’s OK, I won’t hold it against you. We were most likely camouflaged in white coats, big words and a prescription pad. No, I’m NOT an MD. “Just” a PA. Well, I was/am.

Now I’m a mom.

And instead of stitches, I hand out band-aids and free advice. Most days, I love it. Some days I don’t. My little people (Jacob, 3 and Willow 10 months) are amazing, fun, hilarious, and maddening. So I garden and make (a lot) of bread. It helps. And I do plan on going back to work when the Lord decides it’s time but right now He seems to have me on a long sabbatical. Part of which, dear reader, involves YOU. Because it seems I have words to say, stories to tell, projects to do and I’ve been lead to share them. So if you’re interested, stick around and stay a while.

13 thoughts on “A leap of faith

  1. You will be successful in whatever you choose to be or do. You are a blessing to all who have known you or are going to know you in the future❤


  2. Love this! Not sure if you remember me from rotations, but I am the PA I am today because of you! I can’t wait to read more !! ❤️


  3. awww love you mama!!! as s fellow mom, christian and PA i can relate to everything you’re saying. It’s amazing how our fragility as humans and our innate desire to “mother” can come together. I wish I lived closed to you and we could hang out!!!! I think moms are missing so much of this and our culture doesn’t appreciate or encourage the importance value or necessity of motherhood…..but i’m loving it!!!! all i ever wanted was to be a mom and i’m so glad you’re blogging I will look for your posts!!! way to be bold!

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  4. Lovely and well composed! Excited to join you on this new adventure!! So happy the Lord is leading you to share your thoughts and projects with the world :).


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