This is us…

I’m Megan and together with my husband Brian and my two littles Jacob (3) and Willow (10 months) we live on a small property in suburban California. We have a passion for being outside, living sustainably, traveling in our van and doing DIY projects.

I am slightly addicted to baking and my all time favorite hobby is eating new foods (Dim Sum anyone?). I am a Physician Assistant and worked in a Family Practice for 4 years but I’m currently on sabbatical enjoying my kids.

Brian’s passion is all things mountain biking and pretty much has every guy’s dream job, which is working as a Mountain Bike Design Engineer. He loves to tinker, and often gets sucked into house projects because he can build anything.

We love the Lord and strive to live (although so imperfectly) as Christ would have us, serving Him and loving others.